While we are sector agnostic, we are particularly excited by assignments that have a developmental impact in Africa and enhance sustainable growth on the continent.

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We draw on our in-house expertise and extensive global network to

  • Identify potential investment opportunities and projects for private equity funds, infrastructure funds, high net worth individuals and other international investors;
  • Connect African entrepreneurs and project developers to potential partners within the international investment community; and
  • Source various commodities for international buyers based on agreed specifications and in accordance with all applicable laws and good international commercial practice.

In addition to our deal origination and capital introduction services, along with our collaborative and appropriately registered partners, we are able to offer more robust advisory services (essentially acting as financial adviser and placement agent on projects). Such services may include:

  • the preparation and/or refinement of project materials (such as information memorandum, marketing materials or other disclosure documents);
  • performance of critical transaction analysis and assess data room integrity for completeness;
  • conduct investor screening, investor presentation (in conjunction with the client) and investor due diligence management; and
  • placing the investment opportunity with potential investors introduced by us and our partners.